What is Vlerick’s product range?

Trousers in denim & cotton.
Shirts, dresses and skirts in cotton & cotton mixtures.
T-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans and flatknit.
All casual wear.

Where are the goods being produced?

According to the product and the price range, we can produce the goods in Tunesia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh or Hong Kong/China.

Can Vlerick create styling for its customers?

With our team of 5 designers, we are perfectly capable of creating customer based developments.


Is there a possibility at Vlerick to keep goods in stock for the customer?

With our warehousing facilities it is possible to store garments and deliver them partly on the base of weekly/monthly call-offs.

Is Vlerick ökotex certified?

Yes we have the ökotex certificate.

Can Vlerick produce organic garments?

Yes we produce and deliver already organic/bio tops & bottoms to most of our customers.